Gilles Paquet
Gilles Paquet passed away on Friday, January 18 2019, at the age of 82.
See tributes in Le Devoir and Le Droit.

Indicatif présent
Gilles Paquet has broadcasted a number of commentaries on GOVERNANCE for Radio-Canada in the early 2000. Follow this link to listen to some of his past commentaries. Most of these "columns" have been collected in a book published under the title of Pathologies de gouvernance (Liber 2004).

Optimumonline is a quarterly journal of public management published on line by the Program of Governance and Public Management of the School of Political Studies at the University of Ottawa (with the help of the Summit Group). Gilles Paquet has been the Editor-in-Chief of Optimum since 1994.

INVENIRE is a company that specializes in governance, stewardship, and leadership. Its evidence-based approach offers creative but practical alternatives to today's complex organizations to improve their governance and quality of stewardship.